Friday, June 20, 2003

White House pushed Saddam-9/11 link without evidence

In a media advisory, FAIR notes that Former General Wesley Clark recently declared on NBC's Meet the Press that the White House had been pushing for a link between Iraq and the attacks on 9/11 without any evidence. Clark also admitted that "he'd been called on September 11 and urged to link Baghdad to the terror attacks" by someone presumably sympathetic to the Bush administration's stance on Iraq.

As FAIR also observes, "Clark's assertion corroborates a little-noted CBS Evening News story that aired on September 4, 2002," which reported that Donald Rumsfeld had explicitly and immediately tried to link 9/11 with Iraq, sans evidence.

"Despite its implications...[CBS's] report was greeted largely with silence when it aired. Now, nine months later, media are covering damaging revelations about the Bush administration's intelligence on Iraq, yet still seem strangely reluctant to pursue stories suggesting that the flawed intelligence -- and therefore the war-- may have been a result of deliberate deception, rather than incompetence. The public deserves a fuller accounting of this story."

Indeed we do.