Sunday, July 06, 2003

Over the past few days...

* Some intelligence analysts have come to the conclusion that Iraq destroyed its WMD sometime in the 1990s. Sure would have been nice to have had this information before we went to war, eh? Oh, wait. We did.

* Two GOP Senators say evidence of WMD finds in Iraq is forthcoming. The information is simply classified right now. Really.

* "Commanders on the ground have found no evidence to substantiate allegations by the military's Central Command that a deadly explosion at a mosque compound [in Fallujah, Iraq] may be related to bombmaking activities," the Boston Globe reports. The idea that the mosque may have been fired on by the US has thus far been dismissed, but the military still cannot explain what happened.

* Israeli officials think they've won and broken the Palestinian resistance. Now, negotiations can begin.

* Where will the negotiations and the "Road Map" to peace lead? Why, to even more ethnic cleansing, says Ed Herman.

* The US has "cut off military aid to 35 friendly countries in retaliation for their support of the International Criminal Court (ICC) and refusal to exempt U.S. soldiers from the ICC's jurisdiction," reports Jim Lobe of IPS.

* "Bring 'em on," says Cowboy George. "Bring 'em home," say family members of US troops.

* The NY Times continues to circle the wagons around Judith Miller.

* The Economist explains what's going on with West Africa's civil wars, and that Bush is planning on bringing "regime change" to the continent. Meanwhile, the Observer reports that Bush "has ordered the US military to plan for a massive expansion of its presence" in Africa.

* The US economy is still in shambles, even though economists have been predicting a turnaround for several months now.