Wednesday, August 20, 2003

"Flypaper" still resonates

I can't believe there still are advocates of the "flypaper theory" popping their heads up now that the UN offices were blown up in Baghdad yesterday. In an appearance on PBS' Newshour with Jim Lehrer, a retired emerging threats officer for Army intelligence, Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Peters, suggested that the bombing

works out quite well for us [the United States] because with the terrorists rushing into Iraq and getting themselves killed by and large by our forces who are fighting them very effectively, we don't have to deal with them here in Manhattan, Washington or Miami.

So we took the war on terror to our enemy's camp, to Afghanistan and Iraq. It doesn't mean it's easy. This is going to drag on for a very long time. But we're on the enemy's ground. They don't like it. They're coming out trying to kill us. We're killing them. That's why it's a war.
So, by this logic, the Iraq war was just a massive P20G operation -- ya know, something to "smoke the evil ones out of their holes" so "our boys" can pick 'em off one-by-one.

This registers pretty high on the absurdity scale...