Monday, September 15, 2003

WTO in Cancun

I'm a bit ashamed that I haven't said anything about the WTO meeting down in Cancun, Mexico.

Luckily, others have been keeping track of things: Body and Soul has some interesting background reading. Infoshop has some pictures from the protests. Global Exchange has a list of top reasons to oppose the WTO, amongst other resources. Marc Cooper has penned an excellent piece on the ironies of meeting in Cancun, "one of the world's most dramatic showcases of the gross inequities of the global economic system."

Following the suicide of Lee Kyang Hae, a South Korean farmer who killed himself in symbolic protest of the WTO's policies, the big news is that delegates from the poorer nations have walked out of the talks over disagreements about agricultural development, protectionism, and a variety of trade-related issues.

Of course, the Global Indymedia and Cancun Indymedia sites have been keeping on top of things as they transpire.