Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Neocons still in control

From Cursor:

A Guardian report that the U.S. will transfer power in Iraq to a hand-picked prime minister, leads Robert Dreyfuss to predict a PM Chalabi. He also reports the rumor that the first U.S. ambassador to Iraq will be James Woolsey, who last week was seen on TV asserting a link between al-Qaeda and Iraq.
Nice to know that the neocons are going to continue running the asylum...

And, pray tell, why is the US government still dealing with Chalabi? The man helped con the nation into war and has come this close to boasting about it, publicly. Yes, yes, he's the neocon stooge, and has been for some time, but why aren't Democrats at least demanding that this guy get thrown to ash heap of history, as far as the US is concerned?

Speed up that investigation, please.