Monday, April 19, 2004

Defeat...or worse?

"Because of Bush's strategic commitment to global hegemony and his messianic ideological persuasions," Robert Freeman writes in an explication of the comparisons between Iraq and Vietnam, "the U.S. cannot get out of Iraq; but because of the realities of colonialism, guerilla war, phony democracy, and the foundation of lies to justify it all, it will not be able to win either. Does this sound familiar?"

"The damage to U.S. prestige in the world for its illegal invasion of Iraq is already done," Freeman continues. "The danger now is that in his desperation to 'avoid a humiliating U.S. defeat,' the repudiation of his entire presidency, and a generation-long disdain for U.S. military power, Bush will resort to apocalyptic barbarism. This is exactly what Nixon did trying to salvage 'peace with honor' in Vietnam. It is this temptation that only the American public can force Bush to resist."