Sunday, April 04, 2004

Impeach 'em

John Bonifaz wants to see Bush impeached. Waiting for Dubya to be voted out of office is just not an option for him:

Some will argue that we are too close to an election to make the call for impeachment. But we cannot afford to provide immunity for presidential high crimes so long as they are committed (or fully revealed) close to an election cycle. We must hold the president accountable for high crimes at any point in his or her term.

Moreover, we would be foolish to assume that the 2004 election will be a fair one. Millions of Americans still believe George W. Bush stole the 2000 election, thanks to the Supreme Court's controversial and partisan 5-4 decision which threw out 175,000 Florida votes that had never been counted. None of the documented crimes of 2000—including the deliberate disenfranchisement of tens of thousands of voters through a fraudulent purge of "felons" by Katherine Harris—have been prosecuted. Worse yet, many of the infamous punch card machines have been replaced with even more controversial electronic voting machines that make a recount impossible.

No president in our history has presented a greater threat to our Constitution and our democracy than George W. Bush. If we fail to place the proper charges of high crimes on this president, we invite him to engage in further lawlessness, further illegal war-making, further lies and further unnecessary bloodshed—now, or even more so in a second term. If we fail to protect the Constitution today, we invite its shredding tomorrow by an administration with even less regard for the Constitution than the present one.
Sage advice, me thinks.

Be sure to check out Impeach Central, a clearinghouse for impeachment-related material run by Bonifaz and his colleagues.