Saturday, April 17, 2004

Trying to "kill his way out of it"

Again, I defer to Charley Reese to explain what's going on in the world:

President George W. Bush continues to mislead the American people as to the cause of terrorism directed against the United States.

This week he guaranteed that more Americans will die from terrorist attacks due to his stabbing the Palestinians in the back. He has from the beginning acted as if he were a ventriloquist's dummy and Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon were the ventriloquist.

He proved it again by buying into Sharon's scheme to steal great globs of Palestinian land in the West Bank, and by arrogantly denying the right of Palestinian refugees to return home or be compensated. Israel has no legal right to the land occupied by settlements; the whole world recognizes this and has for decades. The United States used to recognize it until Bush decided to kiss the most ample part of Sharon's anatomy.

How dare George Bush tell Palestinian refugees, ethnically cleansed in 1947–48 and again in 1967, that they have no rights? What unmitigated gall and arrogance he shows, what contempt for the Palestinians and indeed for the whole Muslim world. When did God give George Bush the power to abolish the human rights of other people?

It's no wonder he has to lie through his teeth to try to explain terrorism. We are not victims of terrorism because terrorists hate us or democracy or freedom. We are victims of terrorism because George Bush's policies inflict grievous harm on Palestinians, on Afghans and on Iraqis.
Robert Fisk strikes a similar, ominous note.