Thursday, May 13, 2004

Another Venezuelan coup?

Justin Podur, writing for ZNet on May 10:

A beleaguered democracy beset by continual terrorist attacks by ruthless, depraved, and highly imaginative terrorists managed to foil a terrorist plot yesterday. By taking swift, decisive police action, a terrorist training camp full of foreign fighters and outside agitators were apprehended. Despite the depraved nature of the terrorist threat against democracy, the democratic country continues to hold itself up to higher standards of human rights and democratic process.
The country Podur speaks of is Venezuela, where Hugo Chavez claims his government is under assault from Colombian paramilitaries abetted by the United States.

The US has shown a recent proclivity for tampering with left-leaning governments in the Western Hemisphere, by funding previous coup attempts in Venezuela, fostering the recent coup in Haiti, and ramping up efforts against Castro's Cuba. Viewed in this context, Chavez's assertions hardly seem far fetched.