Saturday, May 08, 2004

Other stuff

* US forces continue to battle Sadr's militias, killing scores in the process.

* Dahr Jamail revisits Fallujah in the aftermath of the US assault.

* The picture emerging out of Iraq in recent weeks is undoubtedly grim, says Paul Rogers, but there are equally telling events afoot in other hotspots of the "war on terror."

* Tom Reeves goes back to Haiti, the place which "made headlines for about three weeks." The situation has gotten much worse in the two months since Aristide's ouster, according to the NY Times, but the rest of the media shows little apparent interest.

* Likewise, the human rights situation in the Sudan is deplorable, but hardly any significant attention is focused there.

* "Kerry vs. Bush is not Coke vs. Pepsi," declares Jeff Cohen. "It's more like Coke vs. Arsenic."

* The Independent calls Michael Moore's handling of Disney's unwillingness to distribute his film a "publicity stunt" since Moore knew for some time that Eisner wasn't going to let Fahrenheit 911 see the light of day. Obviously, Moore disagrees. And as for Disney's stance that it doesn't want to publicize "politically oriented content," Eisner & Co. haven't got a leg to stand on.

* David Morris reviews Mahmood Mamdani's Good Muslim, Bad Muslim and Ahmed Rashid reviews Steve Coll's Ghost Wars. Both of these recently released books probe the roots of terrorism dating back to the Afghan jihad against the Soviets.