Tuesday, August 31, 2004

More on the Israeli spy story

Iran-Contra II? The Israeli spy story continues to evolve. The FBI investigation has centered on Larry Franklin, but it looks like he's the small fish in this drama.

One strain of this story suggests that he's been baited or "flipped" by investigators in order to flesh out other actors navigating between the US and Israel over both nations' policies towards Iran, in particular. Another string of news suggests that the Franklin investigation might have been leaked by someone in the Pentagon in order to preempt a deeper investigation and signal to varying players in the neocon circus to quit their scheming and cover up their tracks.

Juan Cole and Laura Rozen have a bunch of excellent posts up on scandal. Check in with them for a close reading of events.

Additionally, Justin Raimondo and Karen Kwiatkowski, two of the most active ringers of the neocon alarm bell, weigh in with their own unique takes.