Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Warlords, or not

John Pilger, writing in the New Statesman:

We have debated lesser evilism so often on both sides of the Atlantic that it is surely time to stop gesturing at the obvious and to examine critically a system that produces the Bushes and their Democratic shadows. For those of us who marvel at our luck in reaching mature years without having been blown to bits by the warlords of Americanism, Republican and Democrat, conservative and liberal, and for the millions all over the world, who now reject the American contagion in political life, the true issue is clear.
For Pilger, the issue is not whether Bush or Kerry wins this year, but whether or not the imperial project that has reaped countless victims over the past 500 years is allowed to continue, unabated, as it has under Democratic and Republican administrations past.