Friday, September 10, 2004

Neocons for anti-Semitism

Eric Alterman, writing in his blog on the curious topic of neocons and anti-semitism, asks: "what could possibly have been a more generous gift to Jew-haters than this foolish [Iraq] war?"

Think of it:

The American people were purposely misled and are paying for it dearly, in both blood and treasure;

The war was planned by neoconservatives, many of whom worked directly with their counterparts in the Israeli government, who helped perpetrate the deception;

The war did improve the security of Israel, but not that of the United States.

No other country’s population thought it was a good idea, including Britain, save that of Israel.

Some of the very people who helped perpetrate the deception, most notably Richard Perle and R. James Woolsey, have used the opportunity to make millions for themselves in the process.

Pentagon neocons were spying for Israel and using the Israel lobby as a conduit. (How perfectly paradigmatic is that?)

It seems to me all of the above constitutes a gift of enormous generosity to those who seek to blame Jews for divided loyalty, dishonesty, and duplicity in the service of their own financial interests. Of course, those of us who point this out, just as the people who recognize the fact that Israel’s brutal treatment of the Palestinians endangers Jews all over the world -- will somehow be tarred as anti-Semites or “self-hating Jews” rather than those who, like the Neocons, have themselves poured gasoline on the fires of anti-Semitism and Jew-hatred the world over.