Monday, November 15, 2004


I'm still busy with other stuff, but I wanted to get some links out there. So see below.

* Madeleine Bunting predicted that we wouldn't be hearing the screams from Fallujah. As details of the past week's carnage begin to leak out, it looks like her worries were well founded. Rahul Mahajan is keeping track of the situation as the list of war crimes pile up.

* Apparently, laying waste to the entire city wasn't provocative enough, so some marines decided to take a break from fighting in one of Fallujah's mosques (of the few still standing).

* Dahr Jamail is back on the ground in Iraq. Keep an eye on his reporting.

* What's gone wrong in Iraq? Rolling Stone asked seven retired military leaders to weigh in with their assessments. In a related New Yorker piece, John Lee Anderson revisits how de-Baathification fueled the insurgency.

* Is the Lancet figure of 100,000 dead Iraqis reliable? Stephen Soldz says that, yes, it is.

* Has the "Lewis doctrine" steered the US wrong in Iraq? Michael Hirsch says it sure looks that way.

* Here's a handy reference sheet of prominent government insiders turned whistle-blowers on Iraq.

* William Rivers Pitt wrote a pretty good overview of the electoral anomalies last week. Most of the major commentaries and articles on the voting foul-ups/fraud are being collated here.

* "We're all Israelis now." That's how Ari Shavit and Mark LeVine reacted to Bush's victory.

* Arafat is dead. So what's next?

* Global warming is melting the arctic at an alarming pace, concludes the recent Arctic Climate Impact Assessment (ACIA).

* Purge at the CIA? How 'bout we just abolish it altogether.