Friday, July 29, 2005

Some Gaza settlers to don WWII death camp uniforms for pullout


Some residents of the northern Gaza settlement of Elei Sinai said Thursday they planned to wear Nazi concentration camp prisoner uniforms when security forces evacuate them from their homes during the disengagement.

The striped uniforms, which were to include yellow Stars of David with the word "Jude" sewn on to the lapels, have already arrived.
I don't know if the word "ironic" is appropriate here. But it sure is odd how Jewish settlers are using the Holocaust to justify relations where the comfort and security of some 8,000 people is predicated on the misery of another 1.5 million. And, to make things worse, when tiny inroads are made to address this injustice, the settlers have the audacity to claim that they're the primary victims here. It's a blatantly Orwellian situation.

Frankly, though, this cuts right to the heart of Messianic Zionism. I'll never understand how people can justify a theory that, in practice, requires that many of the horrors perpetrated against Jews over centuries in Europe be applied against Palestinian Arabs. But hey, maybe it's just me...