Friday, October 21, 2005

Plame latest

The Washington Post's Dan Froomkin observes:

Special prosecutor Patrick J. Fitzgerald has just launched his own brand-new Web site.

Could it be that he's getting ready to release some new legal documents? Like, maybe, some indictments? It's certainly not the action of an office about to fold up its tents and go home.

In other Plame leak news, the NY Times editors have allegedly woken up to Judy Miller's abuses of journalism (gosh, that took long enough).

The Times also reports that Fitzgerald is focusing on whether Rove and Libby "sought to conceal their actions and mislead prosecutors," possibly resulting in charges of "perjury, obstruction of justice and false statement." Both men have been "advised that they may be in serious legal jeopardy."

Meanwhile, the White House's excuses for the leak have crumbled under the weight of their own contradictions, ass-saving, and lies. To make things worse, according to the Washington Post, White House insiders don't know what the hell to do about the probable indictments heading down the pipeline.