Monday, June 09, 2003

From the Weekend

* Is lying about the reason for a war an impeachable offense? You betcha.

* Bush thinks we've found WMD in Iraq. Ya know, those trailers. Some intelligence analysts are skeptical of such claims. Additionally, the Observer reports that the trailers "were designed to be used for hydrogen production to fill artillery balloons, part of a system originally sold to Saddam by Britain in 1987."

* Bush has been making a habit of asserting proof of Iraqi WMD even when he didn't have the evidence to back up his assertions.

* Bush on Sharon, in early May: "I saved his ass in Iraq. He owes me, and I intend to collect the debt."

* Another intelligence official has come out alleging that intelligence was distorted to justify the Iraq war.

* Russ Baker examines the Blair and Miller scandals at the NY Times. "If the Times is serious about reform," he writes, "it needs to stop looking just at troublesome cases like Jayson Blair and to examine its star system and its desire to break news, beat the competition and all the while stay in the good graces of top officials."

* Blowback's afoot in Iraq, claims Paul Rogers.

* Jeremy Brecher wants to "terminate the Bush Juggernaut." Check out his looong discussion paper about why this is a good idea, and how to go about accomplishing it.

* Some good news: the looting of Iraqi antiquities isn't nearly as bad as initially thought.

* The unchecked growth of the Pentagon is causing significant policy problems, according to Robert Schlesinger of the Boston Globe.

* Under Secretary of State John Bolton has announced a new "rollback" strategy for comfronting so-called rogue states which possess WMD.