Monday, June 09, 2003

"No WMD" simplifies case against Bush

As various factions of the Truth PatrolTM try to spin "no WMD" into a non-issue, Ivan Eland notes that the "press’s intense focus on finding Iraqi weapons of mass destruction may have an undesirable outcome. If weapons are eventually found, the issue of the administration’s deception could evaporate. No one will focus on Bush’s larger deception of the American people in his effort to sell his military adventure."

This is a point worth highlighting. Even the spineless Democrats are starting to make waves with questions alluding to lack of discoveries. This, however, reduces the focus of the Bush administration's shenanigans to a single issue when it is documented that the Bushies have been lying, distorting, selectively editing, and slanting the evidence against Iraq in the run up to war. The issue of WMD may be the issue with the most resonance amongst the general public, but it's only one part of the deceptive campaign that was waged to scare people into accepting the need to attack Iraq.

Matthew Barganier develops this point further in a related piece.